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CBSE to stop publishing sample papers for classes XI and XII

CBSE to stop publishing sample papers for classes XI and XII

Have the Central Board of Secondary Education students cracked the code to score high in the Board exams?

The board feels so and has decided to stop publishing the popular sample papers for classes XI and XII from next year as the number of high scorers have increased significantly in the recent years and that the sample papers have contributed to this trend.

As per CBSE the decision is taken as many students restrict their studies to the sample paper solving and yet score high marks without really knowing the complete syllabus. The board feels that without the sample papers the students will have to go through detailed studies instead of selective mode.

“Students are increasingly getting selective in their studies and the sample papers seem to have been contributing to this. It’s not a healthy academic practice as students need to study in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, the sample papers hence forth will not be available. The board has initiated a number of exam reforms which include higher order thinking skills, value-based questions and open-text based assessment so that the assessment system is enhanced,” said chairman of CBSE, Vineet Joshi.

In fact, the increase in high scores at class XII level is also indicative of the high cutoffs for admissions at undergraduate level in popular colleges across India.

Source : Times of India

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A Picture is worth of thousand words.

A Picture is worth of thousand words.

Fear of Studies , Not a Problem anymore.

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Need of the Hour : Interactive Learning !

Need of the Hour : Interactive Learning !

A picture is worth thousand words : Chinese proverb.
What can we infer from the above said proverb? One can tell the whole story just with the help of a picture. This is the reason why text books of school going kids contain numerous pictures just to make them understand the real concept of a particular lesson of a subject.

Various Researches has shown human mind can easily understand and learn from pictures as compared to text and can even retain it for life long. Long back Benjamin Franklin had stated this fact where he emphasised on the learning which keeps the learner engaged.

This is where the concept of interactive learning began which focus on the involvement of learner more than ever. First our text books were revamped and got more attractive, then came the concept of eBooks/eReader.
But the actual interactive learning was still missing until HCL’s MyEduWorld came into existence.
It totally shook the whole Education industry and was very well received by everyone. IIM Indore’s research based on interactive learning found out that Myeduworld’s content was the best for school going kids and their interactive learning.

In 2012 , World Education Forum strengthen this fact by awarding us with the Best Interactive learning Product of the year Award.
We haven’t stopped yet , these recognitions and praise come along with a sense of responsibility and we are shaping our product each day with the team of more than 500 professionals of the education industry to give your child the best.

HCL’s MyEduworld Team is totally dedicated and working 24 hours to make your child’s learning as simple it can ever be , and we promise to keep your faith untouched forever .

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Success comes to those, who never Quits.

MC Jordan_Don't be afraid of failure. Instead embrace it and learn from it; this way you will move away from it

Failure is one thing that all human fears of.
In everyone’s life there comes a time when after getting failed in a desired task , you find yourself miserable and life becomes hopeless.
But those who overcome this fear of losing and don’t stop themselves eventually becomes the Winner in their life.

Michael Jordon is one personality from whom you can take the inspiration and feel motivated as well.
He is known as the living legend of the Basket Ball game around the world.

This quote from him describes well enough from what he has gone through and why he become a legend in his field.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

So never feel disheartened at any point of life just because you failed. Just roll up your sleeves and keep trying until you get success.

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Our Education System

Our Education System

The above picture denotes the current situation of our Education system.

Like all fingers of hand are not same , similarly every child is not same. Each child has its own share of interest , What we need is to give our child the encouragement to choose his field of interest in which he/she want to excel.

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Your Child needs something special : MyEduWorld

Your child needs something special : MyEduWorld

Your child needs something special : MyEduWorld

Find out your Personality type!

Still confused about what career option to choose?

Assess your personality to make an informed decision.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.


Source: Wikipedia