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Need of the Hour : Interactive Learning !

June 14, 2013

Need of the Hour : Interactive Learning !

A picture is worth thousand words : Chinese proverb.
What can we infer from the above said proverb? One can tell the whole story just with the help of a picture. This is the reason why text books of school going kids contain numerous pictures just to make them understand the real concept of a particular lesson of a subject.

Various Researches has shown human mind can easily understand and learn from pictures as compared to text and can even retain it for life long. Long back Benjamin Franklin had stated this fact where he emphasised on the learning which keeps the learner engaged.

This is where the concept of interactive learning began which focus on the involvement of learner more than ever. First our text books were revamped and got more attractive, then came the concept of eBooks/eReader.
But the actual interactive learning was still missing until HCL’s MyEduWorld came into existence.
It totally shook the whole Education industry and was very well received by everyone. IIM Indore’s research based on interactive learning found out that Myeduworld’s content was the best for school going kids and their interactive learning.

In 2012 , World Education Forum strengthen this fact by awarding us with the Best Interactive learning Product of the year Award.
We haven’t stopped yet , these recognitions and praise come along with a sense of responsibility and we are shaping our product each day with the team of more than 500 professionals of the education industry to give your child the best.

HCL’s MyEduworld Team is totally dedicated and working 24 hours to make your child’s learning as simple it can ever be , and we promise to keep your faith untouched forever .

HCL MyEduWorldTeam


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